South African Aquatic Championships

1900 - Port Elizabeth

The somewhat misnamed "South African Championships" started in February 1900 - more than ten years before the Union of South Africa was constituted by the British Parliament on the 31st of May 1910.

This first event featured only men (white - mainly English) from the Cape Colonial towns of Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Some were soldiers, who would be soon be involved with the fighting in the Orange Free State and the Transvaal during the Boer War.

The events were water polo and one swimming race over 100 yards. Robert Marais won the 100 race and Western Province beat Eastern Province in both water polo matches to win the first inter-provincial title. A trophy had previously been donated to Western Province by Sir Donald Currie, and which was awarded to the victorious water polo tournament team - Western Province.

100 yards Championships

1 R. Marais WPASA
2 WD Cornwall WPASA
3 JC Wrensch WPASA
4 R. Richardson EPASA

Eastern Province water polo team

W Hann

A Pickering

CJ Liston-Foulis

William Fiddian-Green

C Cunningham

Robert Carswell

AE Marks

Western Province water polo team

HA Reid

Harry Wrensch

R Marais

E Marcus

GE Shelvoke

J Wrensch

AC Solomon

1900 - members of the Eastern Province Currie Cup water polo team: Ernest Synter, William Hahn, CJ Liston-Foulis, P. Jenkins, Robert Carswell, AE Marks, WilliamFiddian-Green, A. Pickering.

1st Board members of the South African Amateur Swimming Union (SAASU)

William Fiddian-Green  (EPASA)
R. Jenkins
AJS Lewis  (WPASA)
HA Reid
CA Brewster  (EPASA)
C. Skead
George Edwin Shelvoke (seen below in 1941)
A. Young