Joseph Thewlis

Joe Thewlis was a British diver that emigrated to South Africa and won Springbok colours in 1975.

1975 - Joe Thewlis standing second from the right, with Rhodesian (R) and South African divers in 1975: Les Smith (R), Don Liebermann (R), Adrienne Wilson(R), Gina Lawrie, David Parrington(R), Jennie Lundie, Joe Thewlis, and Martin Lundie.

David Parrington wrote: There was a short-term break away from SAASU by diving led by Ernie de Jong at that time. The picture shown is from the Rhodesia versus SA diving test match held at the de Jong pool, Pretoria in 1975 I think it was. Joe first visited SA with a group of international divers from the UK, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, and Rhodesia in 71 and 72, to compete in a couple of meets put together by Ernie. Joe returned at some point after then to live in Cape Town. All the international divers broke FINA’s international ban against SA and Rhodesia to do so and were penalized in their respective countries from competition for a while. Most were either recently retired or not concerned about the ban because of the opportunity to visit SA. Ernie was an incredible promoter and innovator for the sport. I first saw Joe dive in 1969 when I went to dive in the British junior nationals. He was one of GB’s top senior divers at the time. A great guy with a fantastic sense of humor.

Damon Kendrick: I trained with Joe at Newlands Pool. He was an amazing diver and a hilariously funny person. He could clown around on the diving board by doing incredible moves whilst pretending to be useless and scared. Brilliant!

it was designed that the Springbok head is turning away - because they broke away